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The Ultimate Trading Emporium

At Tweaked Trading we find or create multiple interactive trading services like EA's, Trading Bots, Algo/Algorithm  Trading and other automated/hands free trading opportunities, to make the most of the trillions that are traded in the Financial Markets every day.

Whatever we share we have tested or participated in, or in other words "we put our money where our mouth is."

Some are high risk high reward and others are slow and steady to fit YOUR RISK LEVEL .

Not every opportunity is right for everyone, only you know your risk appetite. The markets are a living, ever changing beasts that can't always be friendly or tamed.

Adapt and overcome market changes by Tweaking your settings and opportunities to get the best results.

With a background spanning nearly a decade, Tweaked Trading is here to present opportunities that allow you to  trade in your own setting.
Everything we do is based on results, making some adjustments (Tweaking) to get the most out of anything.

Take a look around and see which opportunities fits you best.

This is not financial advice, we are not qualified to give financial advice. Remember the common sense of trading:

Only use assets you are willing and able to lose.

Complete loss is always probable.
Not only are markets volatile but opportunities can become subject to physical or cyber attack and corruption.

Happy Trading.


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Our products and services include products that can be traded on margin and carry a risk of losses. The products and services may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Robots are not physical, they are sof
Tweaked Trading and its associates are not held responsible for losses you may incur from trading activities.

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